If you're reading Episode 14 of A Deviant Mind, it looks like Najimi's on the road to recovery, and actually being reasonable. I know, right? But that's not going to last for long!

After A.G.N.E.S. is assigned to help Najimi's recovery, everyone is shocked when the princess refuses all counseling, gives A.G.N.E.S. the double bird and walks out! Doctor Koushir asks Doctor Adrian Rausch to have a talk with the girl, try to make a connection and get her back on her feet both physically AND emotionally.

Problem is, both Doctor Rausch AND Najimi are sitting on some deep-seated traumas. A 3:00 am visit to the mess hall cafeteria for a late-night talk erupts into a confrontation. Will Adrian get to the bottom of things, or will Najimi bolt and run?

adm14-pre1 adm14-pre2
This episode will seize the challenge in a story we can only call: Post Traumatic Stress! On sale in June, 2013.