DeviantMind13CoverThe printed copies of A Deviant Mind #13 are on their way to me, according to Jenni Gregory at Ka-Blam Digital Printing! That means it will go on sale hopefully by Friday! Click on any of the comic covers to grab your copy!

A stranger arrives, seeking refuge in a small village on a primitive, Idyllic world. Asuka Chiharu and her grandmother Kyo take the stranger in, though Kyo complains the new tenant is likely no good. The old woman tells Asuka that a wanderer carrying all her meager belongings in a Damery Weapons Show shopping bag is riffraff, and trouble, and she shouldn’t get involved!

Asuka soon realizes there is something very different about this stranger. Meek, unassuming but delusional, the woman later confesses that she is not from this world.

Amazed by a notion of life from other planets, Asuka believes the wanderer and wants to help-- events soon transpire to take Asuka from her world...forever.