HEY! A lot of you will be reading this via email on Tuesday--I finally got the MailChimp account hooked up to this new website, so those of you who haven't had an email from me since February will now get updates and news twice a week.
I'm presently waiting to get my laptop repaired. I've spent the last several days hot-coding from my Kindle, able only to do website updates, post on Facebook, and see if my IndieGogo campaign was getting anywhere, since I wasn't able to get online to promote it. 🙁 That really sux.

I did get the bulk of Roy Duncan's new website, royduncan.com finished up! I'm still waiting for him to mail me his comic pages and we'll get him back underway soon. You can now Subscribe to his email list for all updates! I've got Roy hooked up to Facebook and Twitter, and since the Duck has been out of commission for awhile now, we should expect to see him come back in full force any minute now.

Check out this screenshot! Better yet, click on it and go look around!! Is it not awesome!!!


So I'm still stumbling around without computer for a few days, but should be back soon. No worries! Latest installments of A Deviant Mind are already pre-loaded and scheduled! You won't miss a beat, even if I do.

Peace and love, fans.

Pam Harrison