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On May 1, A Deviant Mind goes over to a Members Only site! That means the webcomic will be cutting back access to each issue, to drive up ebook and print comic sales. "BUT WHY???" Some of you are already shocked. "Why can't you just post ALL your webcomic issues online for FREE???" I don't know how many times I've been asked that question.
Kids, I've been in the publishing business for almost 30 years. No company that offers exclusively free content can stay in business for long, especially in this hard-hitting Recession, which has many times made me wonder why I'm doing comics in the first place.
Comic sales are doing really well right now. It's a big shame to have my niche here, doing what I do the best, and have to work a second job instead of letting my passion for storytelling make my living for me.
Besides, I've hit a number of landmarks in this career, and bigger and better things are coming for this series, and so I want to make this offer to my greatest and most devoted fans, and bring them all along.

ADM20 ebook

With a Yearly membership you get access to the entire Deviant Digital Library!

What's in it for me if I choose a $12 annual membership?
1. NO MORE CLIFFHANGERS!!! That's right. No more rolling your eyes at me when you get to the cliffhanger and the comic sale page, and trying to figure out what's happening by the middle of the next issue. Members have access to every webcomic page from every episode!
2. All members have access to the pdf library, so you can take ALL your favorite issues with you digitally--computer, reading device or phone! There is so much unpublished content and so many clues to the plotline in this series, many readers are going to jump on this with both feet!
3. Access to discounted, autographed comic issues, behind the scenes blogs, news, promos and more!!
4. Only $1 a month gets you FULL ACCESS! That's $12 a year!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????
5. Pre-register before May 1, 2014 and pay only $10 PER YEAR. Click on the Members Only VIP Pass button, pay your membership via PayPal--make sure I get your correct email address--and you will be registered as a Member with full access!

Over the rest of this month I will be blocking off Members Only content and adding all-new pages that so many of you didn't get to see, that will be free for you to view in the Members package.
That is all. It's survival of the fittest. The stakes just got higher, the stories got better, and the value you could get for your devotion to this series couldn't be greater. Well, they might be. I'll be adding more Members Only perks as we go.

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