2014-05-23-Cover_19A Deviant Mind #19 is in the printed version, but for a limited time I want to give our free readers a glimpse at the writing and art that gets this series such great reviews. This episode was a major turning point in a science fiction space opera series that keeps readers coming back for more. Want more limited edition episode bonuses? Share this with your friends. This bonus link expires in 48 hours from this post.

Here are some of the testimonials from avid readers of A Deviant Mind:

"Pam…I ordered my copy! Now…if only Najimi will get her own series … Pam … I know you hear me ….Pam ….issue 18 Pam… I need it … Pam …. when is it coming …. Pam …. I know you hear me …. you’re flipping me the double bird right now I bet … but it doesn’t matter to me …issue 18 Pam…. need to know when it’s coming ….Pam……"

"A Deviant Mind #19…is a stand-alone master work."

"(A Deviant Mind #19) is my favorite issue so far. Just fantastic writing. We feel Najimi's pain with this story ... awesome work, Pam. I am chomping at the bit for this to be available in the printed version."

For a limited time, check out this episode. Feel free to review! Leave your comments below, feedback is always welcome. Enjoy.


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