The first pages of the long-awaited Queen Banara's Guide to the RimWorlds is underway. A detailed compendium of the current series as well as an exploration of the series and stories created all the way back in 1980, Banara's Guide is as much an adventure for its creator as it will be for the readers.

We will explore the Alpha Centauri system where much of the series takes place, along with the other scattered star systems bordering the Galactic Confederation and the ages-old Imperium that make up the RimWorlds sector. A rich history full of tall tales, other worlds, the political makeup of this sector of the galaxy, old fashioned action and adventure: this book puts it all at your fingertips.

The first pages of Banara's Guide will begin appearing on sometime during the 2015 Holiday season, and the Guide in its entirety will unfold on the site, available ONLY to VIP Members of A Deviant Mind!

lt's a sci fi event you won't want to miss! Not only will you have access to some breathtaking CGI artwork, Pam Harrison will be illustrating numerous sections of the book. This will be a collector's piece that will not be on sale at and IndyPlanet until late 2016.

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