Via Jenni Gregory at Indyplanet.us

My early Halloween present to you!
I just made both Dark Mischief Vol 1 & 2 available as a FREE download until Nov 1.

Want to hold the frightful tome in your ghoulish hands? The print paperback is now on sale for $7.99 (reg $20.00). Both paperbacks are 140 pages of delightful (and not too frightful) spooky mischief perfect for your goblins and ghoulies.



Artists included are:
“Das Paginas” by Kim Holm, “Mutie” by Anthony Furtado, “Zombie Bunny” by Dani Jones, “Dead Charlie & Zombie Bob” by Kenny Durkin, “Two White Horses” by Samuel E Kirkman Jr, “Maledicta et Cimeteria” by Wayne Spencer, “Uncertainty” by Pam Harrison, “Keep Walking” by Thomas Florimonte “Womblees” by Jenni Gregory

“Green Light” by Mitch Byrd, “Black Rooster” by Thomas Hall and AP. Furtado, “Welcome to My Nightmare” by Dirk Manning”, “Pickman’ Model” an H.P. Lovecraft story adapted by Kim Holm, “I Dare You” by Sara Turner, “Dark Mischief” by Jenni Gregory, “Ghost Zero and the Radio Wraith” by Dave Flora, “War” by Mark Rudolph, and “Feeding Time” by Barry Gregory.

$2.99 Digital Download
$20.00 Print-on-Demand

Jenni Gregory, Mitch Byrd, various

Standard Sized Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 140
Dark Mischief Vol 2 is a full color collection of the spooky and supernatural, featuring stories and art by some of the best creators in independent comics!

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