I have spent a long, long day under the hood cleaning out spammer scum from my Users account, and changing the layout of my S2 Membership Signup setup for A Deviant Mind's website. To keep the spammers off the site and from wrecking my MailChimp account, everyone who wants to go beyond Free Reader Status (First five episodes) must now at the very least pay in with the Saturday Matinee/Day Tripper Bronze Level Member Pass Option. I have been very generous with the Free Subscribers up until now, but finally enough is enough. These Free Subscribers are like cockroaches with fake emails, or they are friends of mine who sign up for accounts promising to read, but then they never, ever come back.

As of March 18, 2017, those remaining free subscribers who joined but have not logged in within the last year or two will be also deleted at the end of the month. I will not waste another second of disappointment with any of them.

As for my faithful readers, if you updated your User Account with your mailing address, expect to be surprised with comics in the mail from time to time. I cleaned up the Membership Signup page, clearly outlined the perks and workings of the Membership options, and will be working very hard this year to get those promises fulfilled. Keep an eye out, and thanks for keeping the faith.