The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is now among the top eight all-time most active seasons on record, thanks to a frenetic stretch of long-lived, destructive hurricanes from mid-August through early October.

The need for Americans of all ages--indeed, for people around the world--to come together as heroes for a common cause is greater than ever before. And this is why in September, 2017, the Independent Creators Connection came together to create its flagship issue Indy Heroes For Hurricane Relief. The proceeds from these coloring books will go INDEFINITELY to support victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, Irma in the United States and most especially in Puerto Rico.

This has been a historical event and has brought to mind that we can bring people together for the greater good all over the world. The ICC Heroes Initiative will soon be looking at creating fundraisers everywhere the need is greatest.

This coloring book is scheduled to go on sale on October 16, 2017, and we will count on our readers to share this page with everyone they know in order to help the areas in greatest need. When the book goes live, a Buy Now button will also be added to this page.

The coloring book series will be published by Sword and Labrys Productions and Independent Creators Connection through Ka-Blam Digital Printing, and each contributor must receive recognition for their work (no Anonymous submissions accepted), and artists will have the ability to order as many issues as they like at discount plus shipping, to promote and sell their work and keep the proceeds. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions at Independent Creators Connection.

The ICC Heroes' Initiative is counting on YOU!!! This book goes on sale soon. Spread the word and let's help as many as we can. We can do this!!

We will be using the Standard Size Template from Ka-Blam Digital Comics. This will also be an ICC Showcase of our best work so put your best page up for submission. If this first book succeeds, we can marshal our forces for the greater good all over the world, so be sure you spread the news!
Want to submit YOUR work for the next ICC Heroes Initiative Coloring Book Fundraiser?
The Rules:

  1. You may not use copyrighted characters from other companies.
  2. You may not use characters that are not yours. If, however, you are part of a writing/illustrating team, both signatures and information need to be on the work.
  3. IMPORTANT! Need your name on your hero or heroine coloring page, along with the hero or heroine’s name and your website or link to your comics so that we can properly promote your work.


If you want to donate DIRECTLY to Hand in Hand Benefit for Hurricane Relief, please click the banner above.


Through October 9, 15 named storms, nine hurricanes, and five major (Category 3 or stronger) hurricanes had formed in the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

2017 Atlantic hurricane season tracks-to-date, through October 8, 2017. Ophelia, not shown here, first became a tropical storm on October 9. (Note: The green lines connect the points between Harvey and Lee degenerating to remnants and their regeneration as tropical cyclones.)

By one measure of activity called the ACE (Accumulated Cyclone Energy) index, which adds each tropical storm or hurricane's wind speed through its life cycle, the 2017 season is already a top 10 busiest season.

Through October 9, following the demise of former Hurricane Nate, 2017 was already the eighth most active Atlantic hurricane season of record, according to statistics compiled by Dr. Phil Klotzbach, Colorado State University tropical meteorologist.