Many apologies to all my fans. It's been a rough couple of years. Two years ago on February 1st, 2018....we lost Pops. This hit me really very hard. Pops, my father in law, was the most solid, loving, always there for me father figure I'd ever had in my life. It took me this long to get over it, but I realize now that THIS was my stopping point in my creativity. My work on A Deviant Mind has been at a full stop standstill for two years now, and I haven't yet been able to step back into my world and resume my stories. I've been in a deep funk for two years straight, and the loneliness there is more than a person can bear. For the last eight months I've been dragging my projects along like concrete blocks, finishing them when I can get the oomph.
I had a good cry in private a couple mornings ago. My head is beginning to clear. We learned who was there for us in grief and who was not. It's time to heal and shake off the sadness and move on.
But we always feel him with us. <3 Love you, Pops.

We had some much-needed comedic relief last night at Derby Dinner Playhouse with the comedy Boeing Boeing. We have been season ticket holders there so long we have practically watched many of these actors grow up and have children, and indeed we were glad to see the return of Tyler Bliss to this show after many years: We first saw him in his early 20s as a young actor at Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville, KY.

Long story short, the arts revived me. I do have to rehaul A Deviant Mind #43, Sekhet and figure out what I want to do with it, and thanks to a suggestion last year from my best collaborator, Jim Dyar, who was responsible for some of the whackiest episodes of A Deviant Mind, Chess will shortly be flailing for his life in a Comedy of Errors as he tries to pass off his janitor as the missing-in-action CheckMate at a crucial time in the Dominion Campaign against the RimWorlds. Talk about timing. It will do Jim justice if I can pull that story off by myself, but if I get stuck I have no shame in dragging him into it. Please welcome me back. I'll do an article on depression sometime in the future, but for an artist the only salvation is dragging yourself home into the limelight.

I've missed this place. I'm glad to be home.