Sometimes necessity hits, and one finds themselves having to do what's necessary to survive. 2015 was one of the worst years ever for me on this end: fraught with worry and loss, disappointments and failures, and I find myself on New Year's Eve re-evaluating all my plans in order to get out of a very desperate rut.

You come here expecting good stories. I feel that I have fallen short on that aspect this year, as the readership on this site has dwindled to the level that I feel there is little point in going on. Perhaps the Webcomic Golden Age has reached its peak and is starting to dwindle. I don't really feel that, but as time goes on, Independent artists really have to reach a point where they have to make a choice between piddling out webcomics for free every week and making a decent, honest living. Those readers who shouted out to me that they wanted their webcomics for free have come and gone, but to be honest, there are not enough loyal readers to keep my bills paid. And there is where the hard choice lies.

I have to buckle down and complete some serious projects this year. Between working indentured servitude to make a meager living and churning out webcomics, at this point in my life I find it impossible to do both. Some real, solid business plans have to be made, projects have to reach completion, marketing has to be done. And when I have to sit down to a comic page and sigh, drift off to look at Facebook, come back to a blank page and realize my mind is just as blank, take hours and days to do just one page, and realize with horror that all the dialogue voices in my head have fallen silent, it is time to take a hiatus...to find myself again, find my footing, so that I can return to writing the same quality of stories you have all grown to know and love.

I have made promises to a number of people regarding important projects, which have remained unfinished at the time of this writing due to my own overbusy work schedule, coping with outside disappointments, and slogging thru my comic schedule in spite of flagging interest in my own work. It cannot continue. I have to honor promises made, build a more solid foundation for the future, and find my enthusiasm again. I will fail my readers utterly if I do not.

So, this is not goodbye. It is a necessary hiatus.  Once I feel free again and the joy has returned, I WILL be back.