ADM27-Cover311/2/2014: This cover image was rendered and completed a year ago Monday. But at the time I was working on this cover, doodling along on the storyline a couple issues ahead of The Rightful Queen episode, I was grappling with a huge storyline and wasn’t sure how Altairian Hustle would end at the moment. While Tayge and Asuka were off getting into trouble, Najimi and Moog would spend an entire episode unloading and sorting out the last of her angst.

The entire premise of Altairian Hustle was originally intended to start illegally, but the full story and ending of Episode 23 completely influenced and changed the outcome of this and later episodes. What was supposed to be several pages was completely and entirely condensed into an anti-climactic one page summary, and the bridge to the next passage of Najimi’s life path. And that is how, in the course of one story, another book cover went from ^^^ that to this. >>>

So many puzzle pieces and threads to follow.

Many tales from the past as yet untold. Future adventures yet to unfold. A Deviant Mind is a unique story. “None of us get to say what we will be until we get there,” as Moog says.

Every episode is another new challenge.