Oh, wow, THIS isn’t going to end well. What’s with Tayge? Is he being overprotective of Asuka, or does he really have all the facts? We’ve all learned by now Asuka isn’t as innocent as Tayge and Najimi might think. Be sure to grab your issue of A Deviant Mind #16 now, or when the next issue rolls around, all you’re going to know is that you missed one heck of a standoff and a great ending–plus another revelation.

A Deviant Mind #16

 ADM16-CoverIn This Issue: Ex Patriate Confederation Senator Hin’ath Ormedu files for political asylum with the Alpha Centaurian Tribunal. Her political career ruined by Chess’ convoluted plots, she has to begin a year of residence in any safe haven within the Imperium until she can begin rebuilding her life. Senator Ormedu recognizes Tara, and the moment the two begin comparing notes, an interesting alliance is formed.Najimi gets some very bad news from both the Alpha Centaurian Tribunal and Doctor Koushir. Lost, angry and frustrated, she begins to take it out on everyone, including Asuka, the new girl in Tayge’s custody. Little does Naji know, the new girl Asuka is about to teach her a whole new way of approaching people!

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