Here is the bonus content from Issue 15, available only to buyers of the comic or paid subscribers. This was my tribute issue to Doug and Donita Smith, my best friend from high school and my cousin who was my first best friend. The content here is a little sad, a lot informative and you get to see the roots of this series from the start, in our doodles from the 80s.
As of the addition of this content, it’s April 24, 2014, almost a month to the day away from the anniversary of the horrible day we lost Doug and Donita in a housefire on May 25, 2013. A lot has come and gone since that day. That tragedy influenced the outcome of this series, in fact has permeated the rest of the following issues afterward.
In subsequent issues, Tayge and Lucky’s mother tries to come to grips with the loss of Captain Space and her cousin Danah, while the rest of our cast learns about their past and their parents’ roles in events that took place years ago. They find out they are all connected, yes, even Najimi, with one another, and the domino effect of what their parents did all those years ago culminated into what now is.
The first pieces will begin to come together in A Deviant Mind #18, Sword of Myth. No more spoilers. Go on, read the following pages, learn some more about me, and the lessons learned from the past will weave a new story for the future. Life and death sometimes brings with it new perspective. Learn the lessons that adversity presents to you. It might just be another part of the story that makes you, YOU.