2016-11-16-a_deviant_mind_34Excerpt from Queen Banara’s Guide To The RimWorlds! The graphic novel collection, A Deviant Mind, Volume 7 will have many extra pages from the Guide that will not be shown here in the webcomic. A publisher exclusive!

This tribute page under the House Waniokai section of the Guide depicts three generations of House Waniokai: Queen L’Paklou, Najimi and Banara’s grandmother to whom we were briefly introduced in Freedom To Be: A Deviant Mind #24. It was her assassination that launched the original series A Deviant Mind all those years ago back in 1980, as the story opened with Princess Banaii–later Queen Banaii, at center–escaping the horrendous event and joining the group that would later be named Sword of Myth.

If you have problems cocking your head to read this page (it will fold out in the printed version) just click the image below!