October 7, 2018: Rebuilding priorities. Guys, it has been a rough two years! We really desperately needed that Germany vacation, and we are so glad it went as well as it did.

ICC Magazine has taken up a lot of my time this year. The effort paid off. It’s been picked up by Diamond Comic Distributors and has already debuted in Previews Catalog for this month. Fingers crossed, in a few months I’ll be doing independent publishing full-time.

But my primary responsibility is to my readers. A lot of you are Premium subscribers, and it’s my job to give you the stories you’ve subscribed to. Another stumbling point for me this year was the insurmountable writer’s block, with Post Apocalyptic Laundromat dead in the water no matter how I tried to get it moving …. after several months of trying with no success to do a vintage storyline with the old characters I decided to just scrap the issue and proceed with the ChessMaster’s Legacy storyline. As a result I’ve backed up the old pages in the event the story finds its voice later, deleted a chapter and cleaning up the pallet while I settle back into the plot at hand.

Perspective makes things run so much better. Meanwhile, my old series House of the Muses is available once again on IndyPlanet and we have 17 days left to go on the Kickstarter. We’re so close! Today I finally get to settle in and work on some new pages for the latest installment of A Deviant Mind before I go back to my evening job at 3:30. Success is always great, but never let go of what you really truly love.


Yeah I’ve been away awhile.
It’s been a bad year. Family losses, pets over the rainbow bridge, health issues, weddings, grandchild on the way, failed magazine Kickstarter and an impending trip to Germany in September to reconnect with inlaws and family: it’s a bittersweet mix. Fortunately there has been more good than bad, I’ve learned what I’m capable of and what I’m not.
I think the best and worst of it was cleaning out and organizing my office. Going through stacks of illustrations, letters, awards, artwork yellowed with age, more than 80% of it unfinished because of some mental block wedged in place from some failure I stumbled on along the way.
And when I was down to the last stack, I turn on my Kindle and a picture pops up. What it was does not matter anymore.
But I’m back. I have to settle in and see how many pages I can get up before September 8th and make a decision on pulling the plug on a Kickstarter.
But I’m back.