Subscribing to A Deviant Mind gives you a wide assortment of reading options. Level 0 Free Subscribers have no access to pdf download sites, previews, articles. You do have access to select blog posts and the first five episodes of A Deviant Mind. I will make random offers available through my email newsletter, so if you're subscribed but not reading my emails, you may be missing out on even more!!! Subscribers get email newsletters with updates on the latest stories, sales, offers and more. To keep the spammers off the site and from wrecking my MailChimp account, everyone who wants to go beyond Free Reader Status (First five episodes)  must now at the very least pay in with the Saturday Matinee/Day Tripper Option.

2016-07-22-A_Deviant_Mind_32As I mentioned above, the first five episodes of A Deviant Mind are FREE for new readers. All you have to do is click on A Deviant Mind #1 to get started. Once you're hooked and love the story, what then? Here is your one stop to get FULL ACCESS to one of the most unique Space Opera series around. So what's in it for YOU if you subscribe to A Deviant Mind?

If you subscribe to a VIP Membership, you gain full access to EVERY webcomic page from EVERY episode! All VIP Members have PDF Library access according to their subscription level, so you can take ALL your favorite issues with you digitally--computer, reading device or phone! You will also gain access to behind the scenes blogs, news, promos and more!! Like us on Facebook? Fans who share pages and spread the word might be surprised with an autographed copy of one of the graphic novel paperback editions.

To make the options and perks even clearer, the VIP Access Levels have been separated out to their respective pages. If you already know what level and perks you want, simply click the Paypal button beneath it, pay your membership, and you're joined! As simple as that. Enjoy the series for as long as you want, and if you want to change your membership or Unsubscribe, there is now a separate page for that, too. To learn more about each level, simply click on the Member Level button you are interested in below.

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