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Platinum Level Membership

First of all, WHOA. THANK YOU. You’re here because you chose to go the extra mile!

  • You’ll have Full Platinum access for $25 per year. Billed annually. You’ll have full Members Only Content access along with each and every FULL episode of A Deviant Mind!
  • Free monthly wallpapers for your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.
  • First notice access to Free Comic Days, and access to Kindle download deals for your devices.
  • If you update your User Account with your mailing address, expect to be surprised with comics in the mail from time to time.
  • Your $25 annual subscription gets you ONE FREE graphic novel volume of A Deviant Mind (of your choosing!) Select the issue you want shipped to you direct, after you pay your membership!
  • You get access to a monthly Google Hangout with me and other similarly generous buddies! We’ll talk about comics, music, or pretty much whatever.

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