A Deviant Mind #16

ADM16-CoverIn This Issue: Ex Patriate Confederation Senator Hin’ath Ormedu files for political asylum with the Alpha Centaurian Tribunal. Her political career ruined by Chess’ convoluted plots, she has to begin a year of residence in any safe haven within the Imperium until she can begin rebuilding her life. Senator Ormedu recognizes Tara, and the moment the two begin comparing notes, an interesting alliance is formed.
Najimi gets some very bad news from both the Alpha Centaurian Tribunal and Doctor Koushir. Lost, angry and frustrated, she begins to take it out on everyone, including Asuka, the new girl in Tayge’s custody. Little does Naji know, the new girl Asuka is about to teach her a whole new way of approaching people!

Coming up in A Deviant Mind #16: Here comes a very different kind of love story! Everyone is involved in the activities of securing asylum and long term situations. The common goals of every involved character in this issue--Asuka, Najimi, Tara and Senator Ormedu--is for each person to consider their futures and what they are going to do with themselves. And, as the story presently stands, not one of them has a clear picture on where their fates will take them.


Najimi makes a decision after Doc Koushir tells her that her leg is not healing as well as it should. Najimi had high hopes of making her way home, but Doc's assessment tells her that her hopes are unrealistic. Najimi has already been in consultation with the Tribunal, and there are some issues with her applying for asylum within the Alpha Centauri government. Through no fault of her own, she's now a lost soul.

Page7pan4The lack of protection sends Najimi into a panic. Her leg isn't healing well, she can't go home, she can't stay here, so her entire future is in doubt.

Where will she go from here? Is there going to be a future for her? Why won't the new girl look her in the eye anymore? Poor Naji.

Here is poor Asuka's predicament.  ImpactChar-Asuka

Impact Character Throughline:  Concern -- The Present
Asuka is overwhelmed with the present. Once she is cleared with the Tribunal, she will be going away with Tayge and his family--she calls him her Papa, which melts him, and he calls her "Little Girl"--and now there is this troubled new person who is interested in her.
From a present point of view, the young telepath can look at Najimi and sees that she has been through a lot. The sullen princess-in-exile on crutches would impress and frighten a porn star by what she has been through. Asuka doesn't have to imagine what Najimi wants with her. It surrounds her whenever Naji hobbles into view. Najimi is infatuated with kissing her, with loving her, keeps imagining Asuka naked, to the point that Asuka finds herself tempted --very, very tempted--to slip away with Naji and disappear for a week.
What would Papa think? Asuka resolves to resist Najimi's overtures and tells her she just wants to be her friend. Their time here is almost done, and it's nearing time to go. 🙁
Will Najimi finally manage to get herself shot?