I just got a call from Jon Macy, the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant chairperson, who's rounding up artists to represent Prism Comics at San Diego Comic-Con July 24-27, 2014 (Booth 2144). Now, I have not been to a con since Mid Ohio Con back in 2010 and my budget is pretty tight for this one, but Jon assures me that if I get them some books by July 16, 2014, I will still be able to represent.

SO I've been making my list, checking it twice, autographing all these books--that's right, autographed--and I found some rare treasures in the mix. ALL of these books are in Mint condition, I just replaced the Mylar sleeves on some of them. Also, during this time Ka-Blam Digital Printing got me the copies of the LATEST issue of A Deviant Mind 21, though they're kind of backlogged for ComicCon Season and don't have it listed online for sale at IndyPlanet yet. So here's a double opportunity: To grab the latest issue of A Deviant Mind, autographed!

These are in very limited supply!!! I have 30 books autographed, packed and ready to ship to San Diego Comic Con, but you guys get first dibs! Get me your order by July 4, 2014, and I'll send it right out. S&H is already included in the price. Grab yours now--and thanks so much for reading.

ALL of these issues are autographed, in MINT condition, and being sold direct to you at COVER PRICE!!! Don't miss this opportunity! LIMITED QUANTITIES. When they are sold out, no worries! Just go to IndyPlanet.com and buy the issues you want. I'll autograph them for you on request. THANK YOU FOR READING!!!

July 1, 2014: The books I set aside for Pre-Sale have been SOLD OUT and the rest are on their way to SDCC! The two RARE print editions of House of the Muses #1 will be there! I hope you'll join us at San Diego Comic-Con!

227_86126BDark Mischief
2008-04-04-Cover-1House of the Muses TPB and Rare Editions
Sold Out
Sold Out
VAB-2CoverVoices Against Bullying #1 Sold Out
2014-07-18-ADM20-Body-and-SoulA Deviant Mind Sold Out
Voices Against Bullying #2Sold Out