On the heels of a series discussion yesterday with A Deviant Mind fans Jerrie and Bernie Lee, the hot topic was Chani L'Ishan! One of the most driven and haunted characters of the old 1980s series, Chani is in and out of this series on a number of notable occasions, and it's pretty clear she is up to something.

There's a little confusion as to why she attacked Tara in Episode #17. Between the Riyaki uprising five years previous, the outlaw status of some of them, and the fact that Chani remembered the last person who had her old sabres was Chess' sidekick CheckMate, you can see how interwoven the fabric of this series is. I'd like to think that no one else writes sci-fi like I do--certainly very few writers manage to merge a past and present series into one so neatly.

2014-04-04-Page_20-tnThe other question was, if Tara realized who Chani was, why did she not tell Tayge and Lucky she'd crossed sabres with her? To be honest, Tara really hasn't had the time. Asuka's kidnapping back in Episode 20 really took precedence but things are about to change really soon.

A group of youngsters, all descended from heroes, have to find out about their past in order to learn who they really are and where they are going. Stick close, readers, as A Deviant Mind continues.

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