Crazy day. Working on it. Had some computer issues yesterday. Computer would not restart after an upgrade, but have had startup issues over the last couple months. My computer held out until I was able to get A Deviant Mind #40 and ICC Magazine off to print, and then yesterday at 11 am it died. Tried everything for two hours straight but still had no choice but to reset my computer, which wiped out everything that did not come with the original. I really hated to do that.

For hours now I have been trying to retrieve old program settings, reinstall programs and do additional backups, and somewhere in between the chaos the bulk of my DAZ 3D Studio library from 2007-present got deleted. Yes, I hear you groaning now. But I think I have it backed up.

This is part of why the latest episode of A Deviant Mind #41 is not currently in progress, but it's only because I've had several years of programmer experience that I am not sobbing about a complete loss of data at this time.

In the meantime, please feel free to go back and reread the original episodes. If you're not a subscriber, please feel free to grab a Saturday Matinee, because I am pretty sure I will have to buy a new license for Adobe InDesign CS4. My publisher software has taken a huge hit. But hang in there....I will be back as soon as I can.