A Deviant Mind #40

Published by: Sword and Labrys Productions

Chess finds himself matching wits once more against his assistant CheckMate, in a quandary of trying to figure out which of the twin Queens of Waniokai to select in the Queen Exchange!

Pam Harrison

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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Everything that the Confederation has plotted and schemed behind closed doors is now in danger of coming to light after the recovery of Nana Chiharu–Tara and Asuka”s lost mother–who remembers her dear friend Banaii”s assassination like … yesterday. Our team rallies to learn what she knows before it is too late. Chess feels the pull of the game. Whatever forces rule the ChessMasters in their governance of this sector of the galaxy, he feels now that if he does not do something, and very soon, he will lose the game completely. And Chess really hates to lose.