Tonight, late this Friday night, is a Blue Moon. You all know the lore of the Blue Moon: that rare, unexpected occurrence that happens so infrequently that when it does come around, it’s a special event. In my case, I rarely settle with a cover for an issue. I create one conceptual cover, then midway I change my mind. By the time it goes to publish, the final cover looks NOTHING like the original.

Once in a Blue Moon I decide on a comic cover, and it sticks. You all saw the previews of this cover like sometime last year. After the events of the last several episodes, I was left wondering where to go from here. For days, I was stuck. Then I went through the original pages of this episode, set up also sometime last year. I thought, what the heck. Let’s go with it.
And the writer’s block faded away.

Once in a Blue Moon. 😉 Let’s have some fun.