It’s forward into the past for the next several episodes, as Chani L’Ishan continues her quest along the RimWorlds and we learn what drives her on. With her Oolek companion, Toreen, Chani revisits many of the stomping grounds that she covered with her companions during the Rim Wars more than 30 years past.

Toreen still doesn’t know what Chani is looking for, and she is half afraid she’ll find it.

* * *

Bennett-GagaThe play on words in the title of this episode is intentional, not a misspelling. In the 1980s incarnation of this series, when Captain Space and Chani L’Ishan embarked on their adventures she went by the nickname Starr. In the later 80s when the scifi roleplaying game Traveller was so popular, Starr was incarnated as one of my characters for those games and the character further developed. Her nemesis from those days evolved into Dhalak the casino owner, and the story continues to rewrite itself.
The featured video for this episode, I Was Born Under A Wandering Star as sung by Lee Marvin in the 1969 Western Musical Paint Your Wagon has been haunting me in earworm fashion for some months now. I catch myself singing it at odd times, a lot of times at work, when I’m worn out and itching to get home. Way back when, I did another spin on a Clint Eastwood Western with A Deviant Mind #4, Code Red, when we met Kohl and another bounty hunter who were both tracking Tara to bring her to Confederation justice. Between listening to Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga bring back the 60s with their latest album and all those memories of watching Westerns with my grandfather on the weekends in the late 60s-early 70s, it’s fitting that this episode looks to the past of this series as we segue into another exciting adventure. You already know I don’t copy a story plot for plot, I grab a spark out of the fire and create something new and a little different. And I doubt this will be a musical. 😉

Let’s follow this Wandering Starr and see where it leads.