3rdBounceA guest cameo this episode!

Tayge and Lucky haven’t seen their mother, Chani L’Ishan, in months. Enroute to one of the RimWorlds freight stops to pick up a shipment for some quick credits, they cross paths again!

Coming up in A Deviant Mind #32: Baggage! Dealing with an overbearing mother is one thing, but when she’s an Imperial RimWars veteran and a headstrong renegade from a bygone time, it can sometimes have a whole new meaning.

A deeply disillusioned hero finds himself snatched away from the familiar–his own planet, actually–after a bitter fight with his boss for protecting a female patron from a thug. Bounce, a self-proclaimed champion and protector of the people, has lost heart…can he find his way back?
The Bouncer appears courtesy of Chuck DragonBlack Collins! Check out his work and grab his books at BouncetheComic.com!