The aftermath of Asuka’s kidnapping leaves Tayge and Najimi devastated. Naji was set to take two week’s leave with Tayge and Asuka on Xiu’s homeworld, but all plans for family time are shattered.

Major Shola has no issue with letting Naji go on leave while they investigate, with a warning for no shenanigans until they find out what happened. Rii-iiight.

But a mysterious device left at the scene of the crime may hold a clue to where Asuka is, and Naji intends to slip away with it that night to track her down. Tayge, tipped off by Tara, intends to make sure no harm comes to her.

Naji and Tayge take a giant leap into the space-time continuum, and find more trouble than the two of them ever bargained for.