Six months after nearly making the biggest mistake of her life, Najimi graduates among the top in her class in Basic Cadet Training at Star Force Academy. She’s been recommended for Officer’s Candidate school, and learns that her sister, the Princess Regent Banara of Waniokai would rather she did not come home yet until she completes her training and goes into a military career. Najimi thinks her younger sister enjoys playing the role of Regent overmuch. After a meeting during which the two of them argue over current events and policies, Princess Regent Banara threatens to cut Najimi off if she does not finish her training. Najimi walks out on her sister, flipping her the bird.
Najimi has set aside two weeks of leave time before Academy begins to spend time with Tara, Tayge and Asuka. On the eve of her graduation from Basic, however, Asuka is snatched by unknown enemies. What will Najimi do now?