You guys should have seen this coming. It's genetic. 😀

So I have to do a complete storyline on the ChessMasters. This is one of those hidden storylines from the 80s incarnation of this series that we never touched upon, but I have been building the clues up gradually with each episode.

When I killed off a number of the original characters from the original series back in 2013, those of you who were readers from the start probably know why. My original intent for this series died and it was necessary to start from a new perspective and project the story forward instead of dwelling on the adventures of the past. However, those adventures of the past are the lifeblood of this current incarnation of the story.

So here we are. A rare mixture of past and present, a group of fully fleshed characters that I am willing to bet that many of you know like your own childhood friends, ready to embark on a new adventure into the future.

Each character in this point in time of End Game realizes who they are and seizes their destiny. The future is built on the past. What do I have planned for Tara, Asuka, Tayge, Lucky, Najimi and the rest of our heroes? Time will tell....and since I have been now doing this series since 2010 I now have plenty of material.