Rileah-revealWow! Wednesday, July 24 marked an internet sensation when this link shot across my Facebook timeline, shared by a friend of mine, that would lead to one of the most fun telephone interviews of my comics career.
Now, I've been a Wonder Woman fan most all my life. However, after my grandfather got me that issue of Adventure Comics #411 featuring Supergirl in October, 1971, it would be couple of years later that I got my hands on an issue of Wonder Woman because 1971 was another dark and gritty phase for the Amazing Amazon. I was 7 in 1971, see, and my grandfather wanted me to have wholesome adventure within my age range. I can't fault him for that. The very idea of Supergirl challenging prejudice with an alien and a blind African American child had already launched me on a career in comics, political satire and social commentary, at that tender age. READ MORE AT EXAMINER.COM

October 2, 2013: The video debuts and is featured on Good Morning America! Check this out!