The Fast Grab Friday Freebie for 8/29/2014 is A Deviant Mind #9: The Vacation Nobody Had!

Fast Grab Friday is back!!! Now you can jump in on all the excitement of the space opera series A Deviant Mind by reading one FULL random episode EACH Friday! No cliffhangers! For bonus reads, ALL of the FIRST THREE EPISODES are ALREADY free to the public. If you keep getting redirected to the Membership Signup page, Register Here for a Free Pass to view Free and Promo content.

Here are the rules! Each random episode is LIVE for 24 hours each Friday...but depending on my schedule you'll never know when I will set and reset the episode from and back to Members Only status. If you drop by any other day of the week, you will only get the first seven non-Member access pages. All these episodes have some continuity, and the series premise has an ongoing you may jump in at the middle and wonder what's going on!

But that's incentive to be on hand for the next Fast Grab Friday, right!

Remember, you can buy all the comics in print or digital ebook at, or if you prefer the webcomic experience, you can take advantage by purchasing any of the Members Only Levels and read ALL the episodes in their entirety for AS LITTLE AS 99¢ A MONTH! Check out the membership information and levels at the bottom of this page to find out how.
Time to follow the adventure! Ready?? Set...GO!

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I'm offering levels of subscription access for every budget, because I don't want anyone to miss out! There are so many goodies and options available now to everyone at every level, so this site now has added value. It has been a real labor of love to get it this far.
When you think of all the content I was offering absolutely free--that many were not taking advantage of!--I now offer INCREASED access to this site for as little as 99¢ per month!!!!
Besides, I've hit a number of landmarks in this career, and bigger and better things are coming for this series, and so I want to make this offer to my greatest and most devoted fans, and bring them all along.

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1. NO MORE CLIFFHANGERS!!! That's right. No more rolling your eyes at me when you get to the cliffhanger and the comic sale page, and trying to figure out what's happening by the middle of the next issue. Members have access to every webcomic page from every episode!
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We've set up our Members Only content and added all-new pages that so many of you didn't get to see, FREE for you to view in the Members package. You will have more access to this series than ever before.

That is all. It's survival of the fittest. The stakes just got higher, the stories got better, and the value you will get for your devotion to this series couldn't be greater. Well, they might be. I'll be adding more Members Only perks as we go. To those of you who have ALREADY JUMPED IN and purchased your memberships, you have my eternal love and gratitude. You're the reason this series is so popular. And there is more to come.

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