Never forget your real friends after you hit the big time. I do realize that my Kickstarter to promote Independent Comic artists through the vehicle of ICC Magazine has been dead in the water for several days because it has absolutely zero star power behind it. And my heyday as a popular artist is long gone. I don't have the money in my account to cover the print runs without this Kickstarter.
I'd put out several calls days ago for donations of autographed merchandise for some of the different reward levels, to no avail. Only a handful of people seem to be following me on Facebook these days, so only a handful of them are Liking my posts.
The stakes in this Kickstarter are high. My wife Penny has such incredible faith in me that I can not seem to convince her that this is an "ALL OR NOTHING" fundraiser. So I feel a lot of pressure not to let people down...much less myself.
I've considered giving up some of my own autographed treasures to give the Kickstarter more oomph, pieces that mean the world to me: autographed pieces from Colleen Doran and Ashley Witter, but the thought of it chokes me up because there was so much meaning behind the things they gave me. But I am going to have to make a decision and start pimping some things out. Because there are too many Independent comic artists who see this Kickstarter as the chance for them to get their work in the eyes of the public at long last, and I can't let them down.
I won't. If you want to support, click the image below.